How to Design a Website 101 - For Beginners

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Web Design Tips 101

If you are new to website design but somewhat familiar with computers, this "How to" collection of web design tips and web design articles will guide you through the website design process and break it into simple steps. It will explain how to design a website without learning HTML or any programming language.  There are also links to many FREE web design tools which I have used and found to be very useful for designing and maintaining a website.

If you will be hiring a professional to design and host your website, the first three "How to" steps will still be very useful to you in talking with your web designer. These web design tips will help you get your website up and running quickly and help you do it right the first time.

Simple Steps to Design a Website

  • Getting a Domain Name  - It is not necessary to buy a domain name first, but it may influence your website content and influence your hosting company choice.  Is the domain name you want available? Securing your domain name is a good first step and this list of registrars will help your find the cheapest domain names.
  • Choosing a Host - Web hosting reviews to help you choose a Web Host. It is important to choose web hosting companies carefully. Use this guide to find the best website host which meets your budget and the future demands on your website.
  • Free Web Hosting - for very low budget of personal websites, you may want to use a free web host, but  free hosting has its limitations and drawbacks.
  • Designing a Website  - Very simple and basic web design tips for planning and designing a website and planning your webpages.
  • Search Engine Submission - Announce your website to the world, by getting it indexed in the major search engines.  Also includes quick web design tips & tricks for organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is essential for getting more traffic and new visitors to your site.
  •  Best Free Website Maintenance Tools - The best free website tools I've found.  Web tools to Monitor traffic, monitor uptime, and tweak marketing. Also organic SEO tools (search engine optimization) to improve your organic traffic.
  • Web Advertising / Web Marketing - When simple search engine submission is not enough traffic, instantly turbo charge your website traffic with web advertising using Adwords. Boost traffic in mere hours for $0.10-$10.00 per click depending on the popularity of your keywords. This article will get you pointed in the right direction for pay per click web advertising and marketing.

Also browse the other website design articles for website design tips which I have found to be very useful especially for advanced web design topics.

I have reviewed all of the recommended hosts and have tried to rank and review them in an order objectively and independent of referral fees, based on my research, contact with them, and other user reviews.  If you have further opinions, corrections, other great links, budget services, to vote on your favorite host, or to report broken links, please contact me below and I will try and update accordingly.

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