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Choosing a Web Host, Web Host Feature Comparisons & Web Host Reviews

Budget Hosting - Web hosting prices start at about $2 to $20 per month, there are lots of them out there, all scrambling for your business and trying to keep costs down.  Expect a variety of hosting features and pricing schedules. Also expect alot of fly by night web host companies.  Read reviews, study the features, call them and ask questions.  Is support available 24/7?  Definitely look for a 30 day (or more) money back guarantee.

If reliability is an issue, contact their support by email and phone to gauge their responsiveness and professionalism and ask for an uptime guarantee/warrantee.  Also ask web host if they have any independent 3rd party company who can substantiate the uptime guarantees they are making.  Most budget hosting companies will only have reliability claims, no third party proof.  Also ask if there is a webpage or discussion group that will shows the current status of their servers and expected schedule for software upgrades.

Recommended Budget Web Hosts with 24/7 Support- Here is a list of recent  budget web host reviews, comparing features, prices, and technical support. I currently use 1and1, and also favor Lunarpages due to their great discussion community.  This host comparison is for hosts running Linux, although many of these hosting companies offer packages on windows servers, as well as dedicated servers, I did not research those hosting packages.

Hosting Company Package & server type Price in

24/7 Support

Maximum Domains  Host Features, Comments, Review


 beginner (linux)  3.99  10GB 300GB yes -phone  unlimited  90 day money back guarantee, 1 free domain name, ftp, one of the biggest and oldest host companies around. Support by email slow, but always reachable by phone.
1&1  business (linux)  9.99  250GB 2500GB yes -phone  unlimited  ssh, basic stats, proxy SSL, 90 day money back guarantee, 3 free domain names , ftp, one of the biggest and oldest host companies around. Support by email slow, but always reachable by phone.
1&1  developer (linux)  19.99  300GB 3000GB yes -phone  unlimited  ssh, basic stats, Dedicated SSL, 90 day money back guarantee, 5 free domain names, ftp, one of the biggest and oldest host companies around. Support by email slow, but always reachable by phone.
 Lunarpages  basic
6.95  350GB 3500GB yes - email 10  no ssh, ftp, stats, great discussion forum, great for beginners, e-commerce, 1 free domain name, ftp, 30 day money back guarantee, many happy and loyal customers. I had problems reaching support after hours by phone, but email seemed responsive.
  StartLogic prologic
5.95 300GB 3000GB yes - email 10 no ssh, 30 day moneyback guarantee, credits for google/yahoo adwords, 1 free domain, e-commerce. Support hard to reach by phone.
 iPower Pro 7.95  50GB 750GB yes stats, ftp, 1 free domain, e-commerce, $30 google adwords credit
 HostGator Baby  7.95  600GB 6000GB yes - email  unlimited ftp, stats, proxy SSL, 1 free domain, discussion forum includes customer reviews, 30 day money back guarantee, their 99.9% uptime guarantee may be questionable.
  Yahoo Starter
11.95 5GB 200GB yes - phone 1 ftp, stats, proxy SSL, 1 free domain, very reliable, good for beginners, but may be restrictive for a web pro. Price does not include $25 setup fee, but does include  $150 in credits to Google Adword & Yahoo Marketing Ads

Other Budget Web Hosting - REVIEWS COMING SOON - I have not personally reviewed the below companies yet, but they may be viable candidates.


New Banner Banner Host Unlimited Domains on 1 Account Bluehost Web Hosting $6.95 Easy CGI Web Hosting - $7.96 per month

Choose a Web Host based on your budget and website requirements (disk space needed, bandwidth, reliability, programming features). There is no "Best Web Host", but there may be a "Best Web Host for you".

Most people don't need very much disk space or bandwidth unless you will be hosting video or an awful lot of music and photos.  Each of my many websites have been 2-20 MB in size, and require less than 5 GB of bandwidth (per month).  You should leave some room for growth.

Free Hosting

Many free hosting companies are available, however the catch is that free hosts will litter your webpage with banner ads and/or popup ads.  This will cause your site to be slower than without the ads, as well as not very professional looking, and in some cases downright annoying.  For personal websites it may not be an issue.  Free Web Hosts also don't offer as rich of features as paid hosting.  If this is all you can afford, make sure it has the disk space and bandwidth you will need.  It is also not a bad way to test out your webpage, the price is right !


Many professionals say that for hosting, you get what you pay for.  I think that is true for the most part, as long as you use what you pay for.

This List last updated 11/2/2007. If you have further opinions, correction, or to vote on your favorite host please contact me and I will try and update accordingly.

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