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List of the Best Cheap Domain Names and Domain Name Registrars

(domain name registrars list by price)

Here is a list of some of the best registrars, with the cheapest domain names registration. These domain name registrars have the best domain name pricing. How to get a domain name? Just go to one of the registrars below and see if its available.

Go Daddy $7.49 .com Sale! - Inexpensive Domain names from a large and well respected registrar. Also the best tool for searching for available domain names.

Yahoo - Domain names for $9.95/yr. (Their $1.99 offer has expired as of 11/9/07).   - Domain names for $14.95/yr, (.biz special, $2.99 for the first year)

Network Solutions - Domain names from $34.99/yr, maybe cheaper than above for some country specific Domain Names.

This List Last Updated 6/3/2009

How to Find a Domain Name that's available

If your first choice for a domain name is taken, try one of these methods for finding a good domain name:

1) First make a short list of maybe 5 key words (1 to 3 words maximum) that would describe what your website is about.  Example: if your webpage is like this one, these keywords might be:   "domain names", "registrars", "find domain name"

2) Then run the key words through this keyword checker, to see what the popular searches are which include your keywords:

Keyword Word Tracker

You will get a list like these "domain names", "registrars By culling through these lists you should find some good domain name ideas, which are already being heavily searched for, so you will be right in the path of a lot of web traffic.

3) If you still cant find good keywords, try using a thesaurus to find similar words.

4) If you still can't find a domain name that's available, try adding a prefix to your domain name, such as:

The, Get, Find, Mucho, Super, My, Big, Great, Best, Hot, Free, Official

Or add a suffix to your domain name, such as:

Store, Inc, Company, Place, Pro, Doctor, Guru, Ever, Magic

You should now have a pretty good list of candidates for a good domain name.

More Domain Name Tips

  • Keep your domain name as short as possible
  • Make it easy to remember
  • Hyphens "-" are allowed, but no hyphens are much better
  • Best is a highly searched for keyword (which is related to your website content)
  • Next best is a domain name containing a highly searched for keyword

 Getting a Domain Name - Do I need one?

You may not need a domain name, if you are doing an extremely low budget website, with a free hosting company, but they offer several advantages. Domain names are typically $10 /year.

  • Your own domain name will give you credibility and looks more professional
  • A domain name that is descriptive of your business will usually rank higher in search engines
  • Can be much easier for your customers to remember
  • You can take it with you from host to host*
  • If/When you change hosting companies, you wont have to inform customers of a new website name.

For example would you rather tell your friends, check out my website at:

or have your own domain and say:

It is very easy to check if a domain name is in use, by checking with any of the above registrars.  If you find one you like you may want to just buy it before someone else does, I have even heard stories of people finding a domain name available and in a matter of days someone has already bought it.  Some people watch what domain names are searched and then buy them simply to make a profit by reselling the domain name.  So if you see one that looks great and is available, BUY IT QUICKLY.  Most of the good ones are already taken, so you may have to get creative and try several names (use a thesaurus).  Domain names are purchased from a registrar and prices vary from registrar to registrar. 

Buying Domain Names with Hosting Packages - Beware

Many hosting companies give free domain names with a hosting package.  We recommend buying domain names separately from a registrar instead of from your hosting company because of the numerous horror stories of web developers who buy domain names along with a hosting package, and later decide to change hosting companies, and then the hosting company makes it extremely difficult if not impossible to change hosts. In essence many hosting companies have been known to hold your domain name hostage. Furthermore, once you get a hosting company, DO NOT transfer your registrar to the hosting company. Keep it with an independent domain name registrar, so you can change hosting painlessly if the need arises.

See also: my Review of Budget Web Hosting Companies - Many offer free domain names with a hosting package.

If someone has already grabbed the domain name you want, you may be able to buy it at:  they also offer "domain name parking."

Domain Name Parking

If you own domain names which you don't currently use you can have them parked, at companies such as and possibly make a little money from them, and or put them up for sale. Sedo will "park" them for you, filling the page with affiliate ads, which as people visit and click on the ads, generate a small residual income to the domain name owner.

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