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Website Maintenance Tools

If you will be a webmaster, and maintaining your own website, you may be interested in these website maintenance tools. I have personally used them, and they are the best free website tools I have found.

Popular Web Maintenance Tools

Uptime Monitor - (Free) Monitor website reliability and outages, get an email message instantly when your sites go offline, and monthly email uptime statistics.  Know when your site or web host goes down.  Can also be useful to prove your case if you have a dispute with your host over their reliability numbers.
Dead Link Spider  - check your entire web domain for bad links and missing pages, a simple and excellent web tool.
Speed Test - Measure time to load you webpages, and size of pages. Good for spotting large pics causing slow load times.
Google Analytics - Track web traffic statistics with lots of details, the best! Very handy to analyze your visitors and where your traffic is coming from, what keywords are bringing them in. Can also be tied to Adwords and Adsense (below).
Google Adwords - Steer traffic to your site via pay-per-click search engine ads,  $5 to signup + $0.10 - $5.00 per click.  Set your budget, create your ads. You can also upgrade to the standard version for free and link it to your Google Analytics account.
Google Adsense - Make money by putting ads on your site.  If you have pages that get a lot of traffic, you may want to monetize webpages to use Adsense to run Google adds on your page, and get a monthly check.
Google Keyword Tool - Adword Popularity & Competition Tool  Code Validator to check that your website has "code compliant HTML"  Passing this test will make your site more friendly to other Web Browsers such as Firefox, Opera (and, Safari on the Mac) and smart phone browsers.

Website Organic SEO Tools

Keyword Word Tracker - free keyword suggestion tool, lists related keywords ranked by popularity. Great website tool for choosing keywords, picking a domain name, and tuning your meta tags.  Shows you what people are searching for. Very useful for expanding Adword campaigns as well as boosting organic SEO.
Check Link Popularity - shows how many other sites are linked to your site, useful for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Use this web tool to monitor and track your link building efforts. - a Real Time website traffic monitoring tool, displays traffic from referring sites, search engines, and pay per click campaigns in real time. Displays the keywords that brought them to your site.  Suggests new keywords which may bring in new traffic streams.  An excellent tool for Organic SEO optimization.  A very cool website maintenance tool and highly recommended.

Web Maintenance Tools to Check Your Competition




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