How to Design a Website 101 - For Beginners

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Website Advertising & Marketing

Drawing people to your site will likely be a multi-prong approach.  Here are some ideas.

Web Advertising Techniques to bring in more traffic

  • Advertising with pay per click ads on Google Adwords (or Yahoo, or MSN)
  • Improving Search engine ranking - to improve organic search traffic (free traffic), and bring more visitors to your site when the search the internet (organic SEO)
  • Email newsletter campaigns - building email lists of potential clients, to encourage them to visit your site regularly. This can be done professionally so that it is not spam.  Spamming is not a good practice.
  • Starting an affiliates program
  • Perhaps even direct mail to bring in new visitors/customers.

The success of your advertising and marketing campaign will be measured in actual sales but can be carefully monitored and tuned along the way with web statistic tools such as Google analytics (the best in my opinion) which can show you how many hits your site is getting as well as where they are coming from.

Google Adwords also ties in nicely with Google analytics and allows plenty of tuning control.

Making Money with Adsense & Affiliates

Once your website is established and getting plenty of traffic, you may want to consider monetizing some of your high traffic pages to make money with your website by showing ads related to your content.  Google Adsense is the leader and most simple to integrate into your web pages (Yahoo is another alternative to Adsense). There are also other affiliate programs out there such as Commission Junction, where basically you select individual affiliate ads, integrate them into your website and when visitors click-thru those ads and/or purchase products, you get paid a fee.  The more visitors you have and the more interesting the ads are to your visitors, the more money you can make.  Try to choose affiliates that are closely related to your content.  Obviously if you are trying to sell your own product or service on your website, you will not want to choose to show competitor ads, at least not to the users that view your pages in your market area.

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