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Article Directory Submission Websites

Publishing and submitting well written, and useful articles to article directory websites can greatly improve your website traffic, increase website page rank, and bring your webpages to the top of the search engines.  Article directory submissions may be an alternative to a typical advertising campaign.  Article directory submission can help by:

  • Providing links to your website
  • Improving your webpage ranking
  • Giving you credibility, and raising your expert status

Here are some popular article directory websites:                    PR7 - very good link quality                        PR6 - very popular                     PR6 - quality articles                        PR6                             PR6                              PR6           PR6              PR6 - sometimes down                       PR5                  PR5                             PR5             PR5              PR5                    PR5         PR4             PR4                PR4                          PR4              PR4

Other Recommended Article Directory Sites & Tools:

Real Estate Article Sites

How Article Directories Work

Articles directories allow writers to include their name, business name and information. This allows anyone who reads the article to quickly access their website. Articles are a great form of free advertising that take a small effort to set up and distribute.

Article directories distribute articles to a wide variety of websites, providing the author with many marketing channels.

Article directories are a great way to get a business recognized. A business owner who seems informed about their business and their customers will get a boost in sales. People like to buy from someone who knows what they are doing. Writing articles lets customers know the business owner is doing more than selling a product, they are selling a product they understand and believe in.

And I think the most easy way to get free traffic on your website is to submit your own written articles on different article directory websites. Article directory visitors read new articles daily and are happy to visit author's website.  A well written article will likely get picked up by many other websites and incorporated into their sites, hopefully with a link pointing back to your site. For this reason writing quality articles is a very good traffic generating and link building promotional method.


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